Happy 2024!

Time to talk about this year’s projects!


  • Priority for this quarter is the writing, editing, and release of Silence & Vanity: A Banquet of Monsters.
  • Secondary is to complete scripting for a new collaborative comic project that I won’t be announcing in an official capacity for a good bit.
  • Tertiary is to write the First and Last chapters of Hyperpop Apocalypse.
  • Quaternary is to release the edited version “50 or So Pages About Witches” on this website.


  • Priority for this quarter is the writing, editing, and release for Insight: Colourless Green.
  • Secondary is the tandem writing of Hyperpop Apocalypse with the bookends of the story established.
  • Formal announcement of the comic project and finalizing the script with my partner.


  • Priority is completing world building and various associated character logistics BEFORE I start writing Beasts of the Western Horizon.
  • Secondary is writing Beasts of the Western Horizon; I doubt I will actually finish the story during this quarter, but I hope to get about half of it done.
  • Tertiary is the release of a teaser for the comic project that includes about 1/3 of the content.


  • Priority is finishing the writing, editing, and release of Beasts of the Western Horizon.
  • Secondary is completing the first draft of Hyperpop Apocalypse.
  • Tertiary is the completion of the comic project


Overall this is pretty consistent with my previous project update post, but I’m trying my best to be realistic about my timelines. We’ll see just HOW realistic they are… each of the PsyEn Project pieces are going to be as long as A Witch in the Wrong Place, so around 30-40k words. Doing that once a quarter SHOULD be well within my capabilities, but we’ll see. The most important part is that my involvement with Somnipathy is basically done with the exception of some light play-testing and bug squashing upon release of the Epilogue Chapter. Furthermore, I will not be involving myself in any game development projects for the first half of the year so I can get back into the rhythm of writing prose again. Mind you, if things go well with the results of the Rusty Fears 6 competition (in which I am presently a finalist) then all of my plans fall apart because I’ll have to write a Magnus Protocol Statement… but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there!

I think that’s all for now!


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