The PsyEn Project

Started out as a bit of a self-imposed writing challenge during pandemic lockdown. The original goal was 12 short stories in 12 months… but it ended up turning into 10 novellas in 12 months instead! Each of these stories were planned, written, and lightly edited in only one month. At this point, they have been through a bit more rigorous content and copy-editing and are in a bit more of a polished state… while still reflecting the journey and growth I made as a writer throughout the process. It has at this point continued beyond the scope of the original challenge and is now my primary writing project.

Each of the series – Insight, Silence & Vanity, and Witches – all take place in the world of Sol’balim, and follow different perspective characters. The world building of each story builds upon the previous story, so I highly recommend following the reading order below. The Insight books follow Reina Tethas – a supernatural detective of sorts – through adventures that are more action-horror and mystery oriented. The Silence & Vanity stories follow Iris and Amber Isolde are more action-adventure and romance oriented. The Witch stories are Magic-focused, slice-of-life dark comedies that follow A Witch Called Hushpuppy and A Chore Girl Called Nova

1 – Insight: The Bonesaw Case

2 – Silence & Vanity

3 – A Witch By Any Other Name

4 – Insight: Your Biggest Fan

5 – Silence & Vanity: Family Affairs

6 – A Witch Hunter’s Daughter

7 – Insight: Insomnia

8 – Silence & Vanity: Something Precious

9 – A Witch’s Apprentice

10 – The Outsider in Nancontaeul

11 – A Witch in the Wrong Place

12 – Silence & Vanity: A Banquet of Monsters (Writing)

13 – Insight: Colourless Green

14 – Beasts of the Western Horizon (Planning)

Hyperpop Apocalypse

Hyperpop Apocalypse is an as-of-yet written book concerning a candy land-like apocalypse on Earth and how we got there. It’s a Magical Girl/Ex-Magical Girl story about cooperation, choosing kindness, and rebuilding in the face of the grudges people hold for each other.

This will be more of a 2024 project, but the planning and outlining of the story is coming along quite nicely.

Stay tuned!