And it’s about Witches!


31 Short Stories About Witches was my little side project for Inktober 2023 that ran into late November (as all good Inktobers should)!

Basically I took the official prompt list and utilized that to theme each of the 31 short stories, but kept the overarching topic about Witches. Because of course I did. Or have you not been paying attention.

Head on over to the Stories page to find it, or just click   here   to read it directly on this website!

As for content warnings… there are a few, but they apply on a per story basis:

  • (2) Spiders
  • (18) Bugs, Parasites, Flesh, Body Horror
  • (22) Insects, scratching, implied self-mutilation)
  • (31) Fire, Burning Alive, Loss of Family, Loss of Home




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