Man. That was a lot of work.

For now though, the PsyEn Project Blog has rebranded as James Thomasos Writing for a few of reasons:

  1. I’m James Thomasos
  2. There are and will continue to be waaaay more things than just the PsyEn Project on this website.
  3. My name is actually getting out there a little bit due to various projects I’ve been involved in, so it would behoove me to have a competently put together website.


So what all did I change?

  • I simplified navigation of the site: There are significantly fewer dropdowns and sub-menus.
  • You can now read my stories directly on the site: No more needing to download a suspicious PDF. This has the added bonus of the formatting of the writing being consistent across devices… for the most part. I’m no web developer. Just click on the new ‘Online Library’ tab and follow the hyperlink to the story you’d like to read!
  • This blog is now the main landing page: The original home page was just confusing for people.


That’s all, thanks for reading and your continued support!


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