Yeaaaahhhhh those aren’t going to happen! xD

The idea was to – in 2021/2022 – as I was editing Part 1 of the PsyEn Project, that I would write a quick retrospective on the experience of writing each story in just a month and how I felt about how they ended up.

Life hits you in the face sometimes, however.

Ultimately instead of looking backwards and writing for posterity, I ended up deciding to look forward and continue writing new stories and getting involved in other projects, like A Witch in the Wrong Place or Somnipathy.

I do think this was the correct call, but I felt I should address it directly anyhow, if only to tie up that particular loose end.

Notably, at least this blog is going to likely see a lot more use in the coming weeks and months as my writing gets kicked up a notch and certain projects finish up!

Do look forward to it!



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