Woohoo new art!~

Character Reference sheets (drawn by @CrazyCrayonLady) for Reina, Hushpuppy, Iris, and Amber are now up at: https://psyenproject.com/index.php/world/characters/
Nova (Adult) and Nova (Child) should be coming in the next month or so. In addition, I’ve updated the World (Under Construction) section of the website to remove deadend links and to be a bit nicer to look at!

The last several months (since A Witch in the Wrong Place) have been spent doing a lot of thinking and world building to prepare for the next three stories, which – much like A Witch in the Wrong Place – all have some major world events taking place. It was important to work out how those were going to impact things like political stability, overall food chain, the literal terrain, and everyone’s respective arcs in relation to each other. I’m more or less at a satisfactory point with that, so I can get back to writing Insight: Reverse Containment.

That’s all for now, more updates on a new project to come pretty soon, so stay tuned!




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