Whoops I forgot about my website again!

Thankfully I have not forgotten to be working on shit.

A good number of updates to report today:

  • Due to the nature of the rest of the stories in Phase 2 of the PsyEn Project following a Witch in the Wrong Place (Insight: Reverse Containment, Silence & Vanity: A Banquet of Monsters, Beasts of the Western Horizon), I had to do a fuck-ton of world building. Lots of big political changes are about to occur on the Outer Continent in Solbalim, as well as a few major shake ups in the food chain! I think the readers shall be pleased.
  • I’ll be adding a new tab to the projects section of the website called Video Games, as it occurs to me that the Games Jam games I’ve worked on in the past, as well as an upcoming major writing project definitely count as Writing. Thus that will be a new, relevant section of the site that I’ll likely post about from time to time.
  • The beautiful and incredibly skilled artist CrazyCrayonLady has been working on reference sheets for the main cast of characters! We have Reina and Hushpuppy done so far (and they will be posted in the Characters section under World Building). Amber, Nova (Child and Adult), and Iris will be coming within the next month or two!
  • I AM actually working on a World Map for Solbalim and formatting some of my notes on other background details like the 12 Elemental Deities, the calendar, and a running catalogue of books that are Property of the Library of the Witches.
  • I have yet another potential project coming up where I may be teaming up with another artist to compete in a Webtoon submission contest. If that project actually proceeds, then I’ll be posting updates here as well.


I think that about sums things up. As usual I’ll promise to post more here, and might even do so for a bit! It’s a learning process though! Life is like that.


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