Haven’t posted here in a while, but I’m trying to be better about that.

Been busy with edits and website stuff, so here are the ‘patch notes’ for The Psyen Project as of 12/5/21:

-New landing page, experimenting with some layout shit and new tools
-Updated versions of all Psyen Project 2020-2021 stories have been uploaded

  • All ten stories from The Bonesaw Case to The Outsider in Nancontaeul have been cleaned up pretty significantly.
  • No major content changes worth mentioning other than changing Nova’s age at the end of A Witch By Any Other Name.
  • These are now the penultimate versions of this batch of stories, they will be going through professional copy-editing this Winter, and then will exist in their final forms.

-World (Under Construction) page is now active. This area of the site is a work in progress, with only the Creature’s sub-page having non-placeholder content. You will be able to find excellent art work of Takos and Mr. Townshend there.
-Art Credits page now updated to reflect new content; also properly added in links to Socials for the artists involved in the project.
-Added a preview page for my current writing project (PsyEn Project 2021-2022 Stories). No links to follow from there yet.

I think that about covers site updates from the last month!

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