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A Witch Hunter’s Daughter

So the intention for this – the spookiest – month was to return to Reina for another Insight story. However I went on a vacation for about 10 days back home and ended up helping babysit my brother’s children for the entire time (it was quite the lovely time). Since Reina stories are just more difficult to write, I ended up postponing that one until next month. So in its place – because they’re fun and much easier – I wrote the sequel to A Witch by Any Other Name. That’s right! More Hushpuppy!

A Witch Hunter’s Daughter takes place four years after the end of A Witch by Any Other Name and follows Hushpuppy and Nova in a slice of life manner across four years of cohabitation. Saying anything more here would involve spoilers, so click on the image above to download the PDF (or press and hold on mobile)! After you’ve given it a read, pop on over to the blog to hear more of my musings on the story, characters, and projects.