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Silence & Vanity: Something Precious

Oh boi last one of 2020 baby!~ It’s been a long while since we heard from the delightful Iris and Amber, the contract killer and what amounts to a Bloodborne hunter, respectively. I was intending to move their relationship forward a bit more slowly in the beginning, but then decided “fuck it” and went all in. This story is equal parts adorably saccharine and ruthlessly violent. That’s right kids, the Silence & Vanity stories were actually romance stories the whole time. I’m sure absolutely nobody saw that coming! Suffice to say I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Saying anything more here would involve spoilers, so click on the image above to download the PDF (or press and hold on mobile)! After you’ve given it a read, pop on over to the blog to hear more of my musings on the story, characters, and projects.