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Silence & Vanity: Family Affairs

Finally! A return to form for me and a return of the lovable Iris and Amber. After the disappointments of June and July, I needed to take a break from writing about Reina. It was becoming very clear that I only knew what I wanted to do with her for the long term, not the short term. Iris and Amber’s arcs – on the other hand – are pretty thoroughly planned out from start to finish. Unlike the first Silence & Vanity, this is a much more cerebral story. We spend a lot of time getting into who these two women are, both in a vacuum and in relation to each other.

Saying anything more here would involve spoilers, so click on the image above to download the PDF (or press and hold on mobile)! After you’ve given it a read, pop on over to the blog to hear more of my musings on the story, characters, and projects.