Writing Updates and New Art Assets

Character Reference sheets (drawn by @CrazyCrayonLady) for Reina, Hushpuppy, Iris, and Amber are now up at: Nova (Adult) and Nova (Child) should be coming in the next month or so. In addition, I’ve updated the World (Under Construction) section of the website to remove deadend links and to be a bit nicer to lookContinue reading Writing Updates and New Art Assets

Silence & Vanity: Family Affairs

Or why Vampires are cool no matter what context they’re in. I mean… you gotta have Vampires, right? They’re just so cool! Humanoid, obligate sanguivores with superpowers full of elegance and eloquence… For me that’s all you really need in your basic Vampire starting kits. After that you can sort of just go wild withContinue reading Silence & Vanity: Family Affairs