So it turns out I might actually like writing…

Here you can find the pages which contain my various writing projects either through the hyperlinked headings below or the drop-down menu above. The completed projects are just that: written, uploaded, and ready to read. The ongoing works are either completed, in the Editing Stage (written and being gone over by myself and my editor), the Writing Stage (actively putting words on paper), the Planning Stage (generally plotted out and starting to work out the details), or the Concept Stage (I broadly know what it will be about but it has been neither plotted nor planned). Finally there is the Complete Stage, which means that the project is posted!

In case for some reason the read order is confusing, the read order is also currently the order of release. You can click on the headings below to go to each given project’s page:

PsyEn Project 2020-2021 (Complete)

1 – Insight: The Bonesaw Case
2 – Silence & Vanity
3 – Insight: Your Biggest Fan
4 – Silence & Vanity: Family Affairs
5 – A Witch By Any Other Name
6 – A Witch Hunter’s Daughter
7 – Insight: Insomnia
8 – Silence & Vanity: Something Precious
9 – A Witch’s Apprentice
10 – The Outsider in Nancontaeul

PsyEn Project 2021-2022 (On-Going)

11 – A Witch in the Wrong Place (Complete)
12 – Insight: Reverse Containment (Writing Stage)
13 – Silence & Vanity: A Banquet of Monsters (Planning Stage)
14 – Beasts of the Western Horizon (Planning Stage)